Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear nutjob

Dear religious nutjobs,
Neither me nor my young daughter need you approaching us in public places and forcing your propaganda onto us. Please let us shop in peace. When my daughter is older if she wants to explore religion I will support her anyway I can. As of right now, I am raising her and her brothers without religion. I want them to be able to find themselves and their place in the world with out people like you telling them they are sinful or bad. I never want them to feel conflicted between who they are and who their religion tells them they should be. I have even set aside my own religion (hint: it isn't yours) so that I don't influence them either. They know mommy isn't christian and that is enough for them. When or if they ever feel the need to have religion round out their lives, we will sit down with them and explore them. We will let them find what fits them and their inner beliefs. We will not force one upon them. So yes, when you approach us in the store while we are shopping and forcefully hand off your pamphlets to us, all you are doing is making a bad impression on my daughter. She wanted to know if you were one of those people who needs the "special kind of jacket"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Excuses, Excuses.......

So yeah,  have not updated this in FOREVER.....

I am still around so let me give you a break down of what has been keeping me :)

1) Little Man got into some legal trouble. It has been a long hard battle but we finally won and things
are slowly going back to normal. I won't go into details, all I will say is, my son is innocent of all allegations that were brought against him. I am sure some of you know that in this justice system of ours, you are never innocent until proven guilty. You are always guilty until proven innocent, and proving that innocence is a long, hard battle that will tear your world apart.

2) I had my surgery! If you have read any of my other posts you know that I was trying to treat a very heinous female issue. I finally sat down with my Gyno and hammered everything out so I could have an ablation done. An ablation is basically where they burn the lining of my uterus so that I scar and bleed less.  This solved the major issues I was having, though it will not do much for the hormonal issues I have. It has actually been a year since I had it done and I am completely happy with it. Will that change down the road? Maybe, but for now I am pain free and happy.

3) Mr. Fluffy got an XBox one. I have nicknamed it "The Creeper". I still haven't gotten used to that fact that I walk into the room and it instantly greets me.

4) I finally got Diablo 3 and beat it on the 360 console. Then I got Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls for the xbox one and beat it too. I am currently farming the living hell out of it on adventure mode.

5) I stepped back from the politics of Amtgard and I am having a blast again. I feel more creative than I have felt in awhile.

6) I was titled :D Yep, I am now a Lady in Amtgard.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sorry for the long absence

So yeah I haven't done this in a while now lol. The only excuse I can give is that I have been extra super busy with my local Amtgard chapter for the past 9 months. I took over a position that no one else wanted and have been slaving away since. My last term is up in July so hopefully at that time I will be able to be more active on here.

Other than working my rear off for Amtgard, I have been catching up on my gaming. I forced Mr. Fluffy to finish Borderlands with me so I could play the second one I got for Christmas.  He finished that one and got about 3/4 of the way through the second one before abandoning me. He thinks it's a boring game. Really? This is coming from the man who will play Skyrim and Fallout for days without pause doing the most mundane thing in the game and yet, Borderlands 2 is too boring. Whatever.

The munchkins are getting bigger. Currently gearing up Little Man for middle school. He decided to take band as his elective ( Insert giggly happy mother face, YES BAND NERD!) We have also been dealing with the onset of that most heinous of monsters, puberty. He pretty much sounds like a squeaky toy 24-7 much to his distress and my great amusement. This has unfortunately (or fortunately) led to that most awkward of talks......S-E-X. Oh dear, I wasn't ready for it. Mr. Fluffy on the other hand was all kinds of Mr. Informative to him. I am dealing with it, but my heart cried about losing my son's innocence.

Well that about sums up my time away. Until the next post (whenever that may be)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Naked Amtgard

Sorry I really haven't posted anything lately. Frankly I just hit a wall. It isn't that nothing has been happening but the opposite, so much has been happening that I am having issues filtering everything out and figuring out what to post about. We have been very heavy into Amtgard lately. I have been playing some of the new BO2 maps and of course working my tush off at work and at home with the kids. So I have to say one of the best days of my summer came this last weekend.

We caravaned with a ton of our friends to an Amtgard event up north of us. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy myself quite so much. Just let me interject here that I am an extremely lucky woman to have a husband who isn't controlling and only slightly possessive and jealous, I adore that man. We played our hearts out that entire day and when night came we partied it up a little. Unfortunately, someone slipped Mr. Fluffy some everclear and he went down for the count for a few hours. It is his kryptonite as he told me the next morning (yes, this was the first time in our 12 year marriage that I have seen my dear hubby shitfaced drunk).  After I made sure he wasn't in any danger of being stepped on or eaten alive, I went and hung out with our out of town friends and had a blast (because honestly I was a little upset that my husband was passed out drunk and not having a blast with me, so they were trying to cheer me up). A bunch of old farts acting like teenagers again in a highly comedic way. There was some tackling, some very raunchy jokes and a very entertaining game of truth or dare with plenty of naked racing ( not me, no one needs subjected to that). There is something that is truly liberating about just letting go of everything in a group of people that you can truly trust in. There was not one moment where I felt taken advantage of or compromised. It was like hanging out with a bunch of siblings.

Later when Mr. Fluffy had slept off the majority of the everclear, he came and joined us. Had it been any other man I would have been given no end of grief over it. The fact that he takes my craziness in stride and doesn't get all pissy about it makes me love that man more every day. I couldn't imagine being with a man who was so insecure about our relationship that they couldn't handle me doing some of those things. Our trust in each other is strong, and gets stronger every year. The fact that he understands me and knows that I can handle myself without him getting all macho over me makes me giddy. That is what made that trip the best I have had all summer, and the best part of the entire evening? Falling asleep in Mr. Fluffy's arms in our tiny tent at 5 am.


I love you Mr. Fluffy :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Short and not so Sweet

My boss and I have a bit of a war of words going on between us.  We are both fairly short people so we pick on each other all the time. Today I happened to tease my hair into a "bump" and well it adds to my height. He came out took one look at me and grinned. 

Bossman: Nice hair *smirk*

Me: Why thank you, it adds at least three more inches.

Bossman: Now you can ride the big kid rides!

Me: Too bad you're still too short. HA!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Our date night turns strange

I know I haven't been on here much but that is ok........I do have a life.........somewhat. Truth is I have just been trying my hardest to enjoy the summer. My motherish parental unit stole all three of the destructobots (re: kids) for four full days. In parent language that is the equivalent to the freedom cry on Braveheart. To coincide with this fortuitous event, Mr. Fluffy received early birthday money (because we are all just lazy and cool like that in our big family) so we decided to have a movie date. Yippee!

Our city is cool enough to have a drive-in movie theater that is still operational. I absolutely adore it. It is a bit run down and the snack area has a smell that I still have been unable to completely identify, but I just think it is the coolest thing since toasted bread. Plus, for the price of a single movie at a fancy indoor theater, you get a double feature. Two movies for the price of one? Yes thank you please. The only problem is that we always seem to choose the worst weather to go watch movies in. Last time we decided to go while it was like 40 degrees outside, and forgot blankets. This time, it was about 90 out and we are having a plague of monster mosquitoes to boot so we couldn't roll down the windows.

So there we are in our van enjoying the first movie, sweating buckets and ignoring the giant mosquitoes that were staring in the window at us, when I feel our van rock a little like someone had just bumped into really hard. Now, it doesn't take much for our van to do that. In fact, Mr. Fluffy had just leaned against it earlier and made it do the same thing. This time though, Mr. Fluffy was inside so there should be no reason for it to have done it. My first reaction was that someone was playing some kind of prank on us.

Me: Did you feel that?

Mr.Fluffy: What?

Me: The van just moved, I think someone bumped it.

Mr. Fluffy: *looking around* I don't see anyone.

Me: Maybe they are crouched down.

Mr. Fluffy: Ehh, maybe they are but I doubt it is anything to worry about.

So we went back to enjoying the movie. Fast forward about twenty minutes later and there is a flashlight being shined into my window. My first reaction was that someone thought we were doing something inappropriate or that they had figured out we had smuggled snacks in the van. Much to my surprise there were two cops outside my window. I was flabbergasted and then it dawned on me that two cops wouldn't come to tell us to turn over our contraband snacks.

Me: Can I help you officer?

Officer: You two haven't happened to see a man running through here in a white shirt have you?

Me: No, is everything ok? (I was a little worried, we had parked somewhat off to ourselves way up front)

Officer: Yeah, we got a call about that guy on the news tonight (dur Mr. Officer, I am at the movies not at home watching the local news). It seems someone called in that they saw him sneaking around out here.

*Now our drive-in is located out in a big field on the edge of town, so it does make sense someone hiding from the cops in this area would run through here to get to it*

Me: No, we haven't seen anyone but someone did bump our van earlier. We thought it was a prank.

Officer: Ok well we will keep on looking around, you folks enjoy your movie.

Me: Mr. Fluffy, lock the damn doors!

It seems that a man decided to rob one of our local elementary schools of their computers and had been found out. He went on the run the very same night we had decided to sit in the open and watch movies in the dark. It took them three days to catch this houdini of a man. They finally found him hiding out in a car in a parking lot. This was after he was found hiding in an attic and he fell through and escaped.

I am thoroughly convinced he was the one who bumped our van that night. I will be locking my doors every single time now....just sayin'