Friday, June 7, 2013

Dialect Challenge

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and came across a post from Kelley of Kelley's Breakroom. She wanted to have a whole bunch of us get together and do a dialect challenge which consists of us recording ourselves saying a set of words and answering some questions. I was bored so I figured, why not. It sounded like a ton of fun to me and, seeing as I live in a town full of military, I am always curious to see what other people call things.

I was supposed to record myself last night and uplink it this morning. Well, good intentions and such right? I was just getting comfy and Mr. Fluffy was making supper but he decided he needed my help (this is usually just a ploy to get me to spend some one on one time with him) and asked me to come cut the onion for the hot dogs he was making. Well if you know me I am the biggest clutz in the world and I tried to cut my thumb off. Well, I sliced it open pretty good. Seeing as how I am the biggest baby in the world I spent the rest of my night soliciting TLC from Mr. Fluffy.

When I got on Facebook this morning I saw that Kelley had responded to my comment saying how she was looking forward to it and I immediately let loose with some colorful language that did not make it into the video because I had forgotten. I didn't have time to do it before I left for work so I decided that I would take some of my lunch break to get this done. So enjoy the following video, please excuse the way I look. It is casual Friday at work and I take casual to a whole new level, no makeup, big t-shirt and barely brushed hair (they just better be glad I wasn't in my PJs).  I would like to point out that Texas is a big state and we have our own different dialects throughout. I currently live in Central Texas but was raised in deep South Texas.

Just to be sure everyone knows what I am talking about I will post the questions below as posed by Kelley.

Here are the questions:
1. What is the generic term for sweetened carbonated beverages?
2. What do you call the miniature lobster that you find in lakes and streams?
3. What is that thing called that kids drink water from in the hallways at schools?
Water Fountain
4. What do you call rubber-soled shoes that you wear to the gym? Or to run? Or to go to Target?
Tennis Shoes (pronounced Tenny shoe)
5. Does someone cut the grass? Cut the lawn? Mow the grass? Mow the lawn?
Mow the lawn
6. What is the general term for that big road where people, like, drive really, really fast?
Highway or Interstate
7. What do you call a group of two or more people?

How do you pronounce:
8. Syrup?
9. Pecan?
10. Pajamas?
11. Mayonnaise?
12. Lawyer?
13. Crayon?
14. Marry/merry/Mary?
15. Doesn't Pepto Bismol taste really, really good?


  1. That was great. I'm from Louisiana so lots of my answers were the same. :)

  2. Thanks :) I think us southerners all kinda have the same vocabulary, just different accents.