Thursday, January 31, 2013

So tired of being sick and tired :(

I am SOOOO tired of being sick. I have been sick this entire month. First I broke my finger on Christmas day. Yeah that was a joy. After my finger, I got congested and started coughing. I think we all know where that went. Hellloooo bronchitis! Finally start to get over that after weeks and weeks of hacking my lungs up and I came down with the flu. I hate the flu. I have never in my thirty something years had the flu until last year. Last year was the very first time I had the flu and thought I was dying. Thankfully this year it wasn't as bad or as long and I didn't end up in the hospital from dehydration (lovely when everyone forgets that you have an intolerance to codeine and they give you a cough medicine full of it, it makes me hurl quite a bit).

Thank goodness I have people around me to help. My dad helped get my medicine because, hey Tami-flu  poor people get the flu also. My kids for not being complete butts of themselves. Mr. Fluffy for being my nursemaid and waiting on me hand and foot. My mom for checking on me, and all my coworkers for understanding that I just needed time to rest.

I'm feeling much better today and hopefully I will be back to work in the morning.

Monday, January 28, 2013

So called "Gamer Girls"

    I have an issue with "gamer girls."  My issue is that alot of gamer girls feel the need to sexualize the fact that females game. Really? Face it girls, most men who game will find the very fact that you game sexy enough. Yes, I know you feel the need to prove you are not a troglodyte and that in fact you are pretty to these boys. Believe me, you could have three eyes and they would be excited to find out you are female. Mr. Fluffy is constantly getting told by other men how lucky he is that his wife loves to game as much as he does, and they don't even know what I look like because they don't care.

   I stalk alot of Facebook female gamer pages, and it never fails that no matter how much they promise they are real gamers and not just "gamer girls", the inevitable picture of a women posing naked or half naked with a controller will pop up. WTH? I am there to connect with other women who game, not to see your goods! It disappoints me to see honest female gamers fall into this.

I know, I know, wrong game and wrong console but very good description

   So please girls, put your clothes back on, use the controller properly and kick some butt on the game of your choice.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Devil is a machine......honestly

     So, we have obtained a neat little gadget at my work. It is a Tanita Health Ware Scale. Every woman in the building has gone crazy for this thing and a strange new trend of healthy eating and joining gyms has cropped up.Guess what? We all blame that evil machine.

    This thing doesn't just measure your weight. Oh no, that wouldn't be demoralizing enough. It measures your BMI, body fat %, body fat mass, body fat range, fat free mass, visceral fat rating, body water %, body water mass, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic age, daily calorie intake, and degree of obesity. Yeah I don't like that last number at all. You would expect nice language from such a high tech machine right? Nope! My body fat range is overfat. That's right, not overweight. I am overFAT.

  So after two weeks of avoiding the Devil Machine and using the stairs more often, I decided to try it again. You know, maybe it was just having a bad day and would be nicer this time. Well, it was a bit nicer. It is still calling me overfat but I am improving in areas and that made me feel better, but then I noticed something strange.

I hate you Devil Machine! 


  You see, the very first time it told me that since I am, you know, short that I should only weigh 114 pounds. I haven't weighed that since high school! So I was checking out the next one and now apparently it has changed it's mind to 124 pounds. So is this some kind of evil plan where the more I lose weight, the more I can actually weigh? So for every pound I lose I can weigh an extra 10? I'm sure there is some muscle thing or body water mass algorithm it is using to come up with this number, but it is confusing.

Edit: Since actually writing this and talking to some of the other women who got on it, most of their first readings were giving an IBW of 114.6 also. So I am thinking Devil Machine just wanted all of us to drop some weight so us overfat people would quit stepping on it. Good one, Devil Machine.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thanks for being mine

  I have to say I am a pretty lucky girl when it comes to my husband. Yeah, he my not be the most responsible person. For the most part he is a man child (Aren't they all?). He drives me crazy half the time. He doesn't pick up after himself, he leaves a mess wherever he goes, and can't ever seem to close a cabinet door (bane of my existence, my head is attracted to them).

   But, for all his faults, he is very protective of his family. He would stand on a street corner and sell the last shirt he had to pay for something the kids or I needed. When something is wrong with us, he is right there with us. He is a very attentive husband. Most people are surprised to learn this about him, because he is one of those guys who people lock their car doors around just because of his appearance, but is really a giant sweetie.

   Yesterday, I told you how my body hates me. During this, Mr. Fluffy takes care of me. He makes sure I am comfortable, gets my heating pad for me and basically babies me. Last night was a particularly rough night. We sat on the couch and watched Heroes while I clung to my heating pad for dear life and he rubbed my legs. When it was time for bed, I made my way upstairs while he locked up. He brought my pad upstairs, helped me into bed, then............he sang me a song.

  Mr. Fluffy doesn't sing. Mr. Fluffy doesn't even dance. But last night he did.

  It was very, very sweet. He put on the music, a song I didn't even know he knew I loved, laid beside me and sang to me as he rubbed my back. He did all of this, just so I would smile. Because he knew it had been rough dealing with clients all day and getting everything I needed to get done all while dealing with the pain and not letting it show. He knew I needed to smile just a little. As long as I can keep smiling, it isn't so bad.

  All morning long, I have had that song in my head. I'm still in pain, still not able to show it, and still having to do my everyday business. But, I'm smiling.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I hate being a woman sometimes.........

My body hates me.

  I know every woman thinks that at least once a month, but in my case, it really does. I suffer from (careful, I'm about to toss out some giant words at you) dysmenorrhea combined with a nasty case of menorrhagia. In layman's terms, once a month for 7 days straight, my uterus violently tears itself apart while I curl into a ball and cry myself silly.

Dear uterus, I hate you.

   I have been to the doctors so that we could confirm once and for all that it wasn't cancer bringing me to my knees once a month. I underwent numerous tests that made me believe that modesty doesn't count for anything, especially when your gynecologist is a "teaching" doctor. All the nail biting and poking and prodding in the world just to find out that indeed, "No, ma'am. You don't have cancer eating you up, your uterus just doesn't like you very much." No cancer, no tumors, not even any polyps  Just one uterus, upset that I had three children in successive order along with a bout of hereditary pre-cancerous cervical lesions. Delightful.

    I have discussed treatment options and the lowest risk one of course didn't help. The other two are surgical options and I am cautious with anything surgical. Anesthesia makes me believe I am a prize fighter.Which can be hysterical for everyone else, but when it is you that is yelling obscenities from the recovery room and punching nurses it just doesn't hold the same appeal.  Nurses don't like to be punched, they tend to get very upset. But that is a story for another day!

    I really do want the treatment, which will be them taking my hateful uterus out, but in this economy it can be hard. I'm the main bread-winner in our household. If I have to take a month or more off from work, it will affect us. At the same time, I dislike how during this time, I can't cuddle with my kids because I don't even want anyone touching me. I can't hold a civil discussion to save my life. I get upset over the smallest things. I usually spend my days downing midol with a vengeance and trying my best not to be too mobile. The less I move the better I can tolerate it. I spend my evenings curled on the couch with my heating pad turned to the highest setting and trying not to growl at my loving spouse and offspring. They understand what is happening, daddy carefully explained to them that mommy is "broken." I know one day I will be able to have my surgery and I won't have to worry about all this. Until then, I will be carrying on a love affair with my heating pad for the next few days. Thank goodness for my loving family.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guilty Gamer

   I have been kinda not gaming lately. It sucks. Big time. I am doing this as a supportive thing for Mr. Fluffy. You see, Mr. Fluffy is a student. Last semester he failed a class, in large part because he had reactivated his World of Warcraft account. He gets just a tad addicted. We both agreed this semester he would concentrate on his classes and less on games. Then, right before this semester started, we both tried out Aion Online. I quite enjoyed it and he did also and we made characters we could level together. While I know that I could make an alt toon and hope on there, my computer is in the living area and so is his.....he would not be able to concentrate on his homework. Plus I feel guilty for logging onto my account in front of him and playing to my heart's content while he slogs away on his homework  So, I have been sitting on my hands and trying not to pine for my PC or the Xbox (since he won't even play Black Ops 2 right now).

   I am going to try to log onto my Aion account tonight while he takes the boys to their scout meeting. I won't feel guilty for playing in front of him and I can get some "me" time since this weekend was spent taking care of sick children. I can at least get an hour for my little addiction, that should be able to hold me over for a few days at least :) 

Monday, January 21, 2013

What I think some misunderstand about marriage

     I really don't like people developing preconceptions about me. I do not like hearing the words "You would do <enter random crap>."  My first response is usually "How would you know? Are you me?" I don't even know what I will do until the situation is on me. Another thing that people are surprised to learn about me is that I don't dwell on my husband's past. We both did things and have people in our past that we would rather just stayed there. If something happens to rear it's ugly head in our present, neither one of us will judge the other or get angry about it. It happened before "us".

     Recently my husband has had a person from his past contacting him. Now of course, I will not go into the details as it is 1) very personal and 2) not my place to share details. Someone else close to us learned of this and was surprised that I wasn't foaming at the mouth. Why would I? They happened before I even knew him and therefore I have no say in the matter. Now, if he asks me for my opinion, I will give it to him but I will always let him know that ultimately the end result will be of his doing. I will stand by him no matter what. I'm his wife and partner, not his owner.

    He does the same with me.

    So while some people find us strange, I find it strange that couples would pass judgment on each other for things that happened before their relationship started. If you were going to do that, then you should have done it at the beginning. Your marriage is a partnership, not an ownership. You don't have to like what the past brings to your door, but you also have no right to pass judgement. Be supportive and if asked give your opinions but don't take over the situation.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm surprised I'm not single ;)

Day off

Still in my jammies and robe

So I follow Mr. Fluffy around randomly hitting him with my robe's sash and making king fu noises.

There is a reason we are married, only he could put up with my weirdness.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The worst part of bronchitis as a mom of three

      You know what the worst part of having bronchitis has been? It wasn't the coughing that kept me up all night long. It wasn't the feeling of being stabbed in the chest every time I started hacking away. It wasn't even when I started coughing up blood. I just shrugged my shoulders at all of that, got myself to a doctor and moved on. The absolute worst part?

 Mom bladder

     Yep, every time I would start uncontrollably coughing, I would cross my legs and pray that this would be the one time I didn't pee myself. Mr. Fluffy even started calling me Leaky Lady. After having three kids your body starts to turn on you. Sneezing, coughing,  sometimes even laughing too hard can be a reminder of how weak your bladder has become. Forget about taking long trips. When we plan a trip that is going to be over an hour long, there has to be frequent pee stops or the upholstery in the car would be ruined. When working out, I have to make extra sure that I pottied right before any jumping jacks or running of any kind for fear that I will suddenly lose control and wet myself in front of everyone. Or even the dreaded stomach virus. Bent in supplication to the porcelain god, offering up your sacrifice of breakfast, lunch and dinner only to feel the warm sensation of urine running down your leg. Of all the things motherhood took from my body, I lament the loss of my bladder the most. 

Thank goodness the bronchitis is starting to clear up. The coughing fits are coming farther and fewer now with less force. Looks like I won't be Leaky Lady for too much longer.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manners are a dying concept

   I was going to write something today on how I have been busy and excuses for not writing. Then I had a short conversation with my boss and how we both agree that courtesy is a dying concept. The health department I work for is a "full service" health department. We don't have doctors, believe it or not health departments do not always offer medical care. We do however have an immunization clinic open to the public. My position is a dual job. My main duty is to work the front desk while my secondary position (and the funner one) is working in vital records (birth and death certificates). So my main duty forces me to deal with all the clients from all our different programs as well as answer the phones.

     I am a model of customer service. I have been to hours upon hours of training and for the most part I never lose my cool. But, sometimes there comes along that special kind of customer that you just wish you could beat over the head with the heaviest object at hand. My biggest peeve is the client who comes in and refuses to end their cell phone conversation so that you may effectively help them. Yesterday a lady came in and paused just long enough to tell me what she was there for before going back to her public cell convo. I calmly and unhurriedly got together the proper paperwork hoping that would give her enough time to get off the phone so I could go over the process with her. I finished and held the clipboard in my hands and then I stared at her and tried my best to non-verbally communicate to her that I needed to speak with her about the paperwork. Instead, this woman reaches across the counter, grabs the board and yanks it out of my hand then walks off without once breaking stride in her conversation. I looked at my partner in crime and my supervisor (who witnessed the entire thing) and said "How much do you wanna bet she won't fill anything out right and will try to bring it to me instead of taking it to the immunization clerk?" Sure enough, five minutes later she brings it back to us and when we told her to take it to the clinic and place it in the tray so our clerk could get the paperwork, she gets all offended and points at me and says "She never told me that!" then storms off. I cannot stress how annoying cell phones in public are. It is not that hard to tell the other person that you need to hang up because you are in an office. If it is an emergency then please take care of it before you come up to my desk. It is rude to treat me like I am an automated machine.

   Speaking of phones, when I was growing up I remember being made to watch a video at school on proper phone etiquette. Now of course it was extremely cheesy as all school videos are, but we did learn how to properly answer a phone and also how to communicate over one with a business or person. We do not answer the phone with a "Hey dude" I reserve that for my personal phone and only on people I am extremely close to. When speaking to a business it is proper to introduce yourself and in a quick proficient manner tell them what you need from them. It is not proper etiquette to tell me how sexy my phone voice is when I ask you what our health department can do for you today, there are 1-900 numbers for that. It also is not proper to demand our hours in a rude tone then to slam your phone down without so much as a thank you. The biggest thing I can't stand when someone calls in? Calling me for a phone number then pounding it in to your cell phone as I give it to you. People, that makes a god awful beeping in our ears! I finally got snarky enough with one person who did that, that she hung up on me. She asked me for the number, I give her the number. As she begins saying it back to me the horrendous BEEP......BEEP  begins. I stop talking and hold the receiver away from my ear. It takes her a minute to notice and then she says "So did I get that right?" My reply was "I really don't know ma'am, there was this loud beeping in my ear and I couldn't hear a thing you were saying to me." She hung up pretty quickly.

   So while yes, I do claim to be a model of customer service, I will be the first to call a customer on their BS. Yes, your business pays my check. Yes, without you I would be out of a job. No, you are not allowed to treat me or my colleagues as if we are less than people. I am the first to call BS on that saying "the customer is always right" crap. No, sometimes the customer is just an asshole and it is because the technology that has given us so much is taking from us the ability to communicate to each other in a courteous manner. That sense of anonymity that gives us the freedom to say what we want on the internet is trickling over into our everyday manners. So next time you walk into a business or call them, make sure you are really speaking to the person on the other side of the counter or phone. We appreciate it more than you know. We really enjoy speaking to someone who is fully committed to our exchange, no matter how trivial the matter. Also, please don't do something that you wouldn't want us doing to you. My plan on the phone, is that the next time someone starts to pound in a number while still talking to me, I too will start pounding random buttons as well.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Geeky household conversations

Every Saturday night we have family night. We either play a board game or watch a movie together as a family. Last night we chose Star Trek: Nemesis..........the following conversation ensued.

Smarty Pants (as the Enterprise floats by on the screen): What ship is that?

Mr.Fluffy: I think it might be the Titan

Me: What are you smoking? That is the Enterprise!

Mr.Fluffy: No, that is not the Enterprise.

Me: What?!

Mr.Fluffy (completely changing the subject): The next generation show had an Enterprise D, That is an E.

Me: Who the heck do you think is piloting it? That is Picard so that makes it the next generation's Enterprise.

Mr.Fluffy: But it is not a D, it is an E.

Me: Does that even matter? They have an E now.

Mr. Fluffy: Wanna bet?

Me: Bet what? That is the Enterprise (rewinding movie back to part that CLEARLY shows USS Enterprise on the hull). Fine, loser does laundry tomorrow.

Mr. Fluffy: (pulls up image on internet) See, they had a D on the show.

Me: Yeah but they wrecked it in Generations. They had to get a new one. You lose

Mr.Fluffy: How did I lose?

Me: You said it was the Titan, I bet you it was the Enterprise therefore I won.

Mr.Fluffy: (Glares at me)

Little Miss: Can you two stop arguing and play the movie now?

These types of conversations happen often at our house. Plus I got to be the know it all when I proved Shinzon is Bane..........

Friday, January 11, 2013

Whatever others think, I am just me

     Today I thought I would share some things about myself so that anyone who reads this can get a better sense of me when reading what I write. My favorite bloggers to read are people who share just enough so that I can grasp their own personal brand in what they write.

     I'm Cassie, just that. My name isn't short for anything else, my parents loved the shortened version so well that they chose it for my actual name. I often refer to myself as "just Cassie" and love the instant bond that forms when I meet any other rare "just Cassie" that wanders into my existence.  Starts with a C, ends in an ie and has a big ASS in the middle, yep that is me.

     I have a crude sense of humor. I'm often the first person to make anything into something dirty-minded.

     I have a foul mouth. I don't mind this, though many people think I should act more lady-like. Pfft probably not going to happen. I can be a classy lady if I choose, I just often don't choose to.

      I'm not a feely-touchy person. I have what Mr. Fluffy calls "bubble issues." You stay out of my personal bubble and I won't have to claw your face off. No I was never assaulted as a child, I just don't like people to touch me.

       I am a shy person. It has taken me years and the prodding of my husband to break me out of my shell.

     I'm southern through and through, but I am not much of a country music fan.

     I am not a religious person. I don't consider myself a christian much to the dismay of my highly religious family. I do believe in evolution. I honestly can't conceive how someone can deny something that happens everyday in front of our very faces. Everything evolves. I regard science highly, but can't see how someone would make a religion out of it. I guess it is human nature to always try to worship something.

      I'm a difficult person to deal with. I do not make friends easily and I dislike drama. I make my opinion known loudly. If I dislike something, you will most likely know it.

    I'm a people pleaser much to my own dismay. I have a deep-seated urge to make people like me while at the same time wanting to tell  them to sod off. It is usually the later that wins out.

     If I do happen to make friends with you, I will usually do just about anything for you. I believe in loyalty to each other, but be warned, I will expect the same from you. I will usually give you a few chances because I know everyone messes up. If you keep taking me for granted as a friend, I will usually kick your sorry ass to the curb with very little regret.

     I love my husband, though I don't like him alot of the time. He is my best friend and the person I share everything with. He gets me like no one else, understands all my little quirks and flaws. This gives him an unfair advantage when he feels the need to push my buttons.

    I had children when I was young. I was living on my own and supporting myself. I don't think it is your right to tell me what all I "missed out on." I honestly don't think I missed out on anything at all. I have three little human beings that think the world of me and being young enough to enjoy all their crazy antics and join in on some of them has been priceless. My children are all the best I have to offer, each of them reflects a different side of me in their own way. My oldest is my reserved quiet side, my middle child is my goofy carefree self, and my daughter is my repressed girly side with a bit of clutz thrown in the mix.

    I love anime. I have my little collection of anime and anime related stuff that everyone in my house knows is off limits. I share this love with my niece. We always geek out together about it.

    I love to game. I did the occasional social game playing growing up, but didn't consider myself a "gamer." After the hubs and I got together he introduced me to the entire world of gaming, from RP book games to MMOs. Confession: I have not played alot of the different consoles. I have played the original nintendo, playstation 1- 3, xbox 360 and PC. I have found my favorite "game" is MMO. My awkward shyness affects my ability to effectively RP.

   I love Star Wars. My favorite character is Boba Fett. I think Luke Skywalker is a bit of a whiner.

   I have lately become highly obsessed with Doctor Who.

    I obsess over dragons. I have a growing collection of dragon related objects. People often mistake my dragon obsession with a fondness for fairies. Don't get me wrong, fairies are pretty and cool but they are not dragons. I see in dragons, an ancient raw beauty, wealth of knowledge, and unrivaled inspiration.

   I'm arachnophobic. I have been subjected to the eight legged freaks enough throughout my life though that I have come to the point of "you stay over there and I will stay on this side of the house, just don't come within 500 feet of me." A word of advise, if you know someone is scared of spiders, don't subject them to in-numerous pranks involving spiders. They really are frightened of them, it isn't a joke.

   I hate clowns, thank you very much Mr. King. They are just disturbing to me.

  I have the strangest taste buds of anyone in my house. I like avocados, hate guacamole. I dislike cinnamon toast, garlic toast and honey. I refuse to eat breakfast sausage, but love other kinds.

  I cannot stand people smacking while they eat. I have to physically control myself so that I won't hurt them.

I'm sure there is alot more that I didn't include, but this is the major stuff lol.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

An apology and a little game talk :)

    Ok so first off, I was so excited yesterday about getting comments (YAY!) and was checking it all out when I accidentally deleted them all.........I'm so fail I can't even deal with myself currently. So I apologize profusely to those who did comment and who got so rudely wiped off. Was not my intention to do that.

     My brain isn't cooperating with me today. I'm still dealing with the bronchitis and the medicine I take at night to quiet the coughs and let me sleep leaves me still feeling groggy in the mornings. So when I get to work in the mornings I am still not all there and we have been so darn busy lately. We give vaccinations at my job. We have been driving for people to come in and get their flu shots. Now that it is becoming an epidemic and all over the news, we have been flooded with people. We have had this shot for 5 months and barely had anyone get it, now they are breaking our doors down and demanding we lengthen our hours so they can all get their shots in.

Not going to happen people.

   We are open for vaccinations 6 of the 8 hours we operate. The first and last hours are set-up and break-down not counting the many other programs we offer. We have families and lives as well. Today has been so hectic. The only good thing is that with me still having a cough, when people come in they try to avoid me thinking I'm contagious........hehehehehehe.

    On another note, Mr. Fluffy and I were talking about MMOs this morning and I found one I am going to try out. It is put out by Aeria Games and is called DK Online. Here is a link to their page I already play one of their MMOs called Eden Eternal and love it because it appeals to both my gamer side and my anime freak side. Mr. Fluffy on the other hand, while he will play it with me if I beg hard enough, feels very girly playing it. So I thought this one might be a bit more appealing to his manly side. Now before anyone asks, yes I was a huge WoW enthusiast for a very long time (7 years in fact, I was playing before the first expansion). I stopped playing because their was way too much drama and if you weren't part of an elite guild you could forget about any decent gear. I know they have made changes to the system but the fact is that it is still the same drama queens playing and I just don't want to waste my time on them. I found joy in City of Heroes, but they were unable to keep their servers up and shut down. I am going to give this new one a go and hopefully I like it. Do any of you play MMOs? If so, which ones and how do you like them?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why I might seem a little cookoo

I thought that today I would discuss my children. I won’t go into specifics but I will talk about their personalities a bit.

Little Man is my oldest. He is my momma's boy. I call him little man because he worries about the most adult things. He has actually started worrying about our family budget. I find it endearing, but at the same time I tell him to enjoy being a kid and don’t worry about if we can afford this or that, daddy and I will always find a way. The little part is, well, he is pretty darn short. He should be at least half a foot taller for his age but he just isn't growing much. When he talked to the doctor about this, one of the first words to come up was dwarfism. My son’s first worry? “Mom will I have to work in a mine?” I admit, I laughed then I told him that no we would just give him a battle ax and let him grow an awesome beard. He liked that much better.

Smarty pants is our middle child. He has the classic middle child syndrome which is no end of aggravation, but he is also my sweetest child. Just the other day in a store, we were walking by and one of the employees dropped something and he ran over and picked it up for her since her arms were full. He randomly does things like this. It makes my heart swell. So why call him Smarty Pants? This is why; he is helping do laundry one day. He comes up to me with one of my shirts and says “Mom, this shirt is too little for Little Miss.” I reply back that the shirt is indeed not Little Miss’s shirt, but mine. His response, “Well then, this shirt is too little for you.” Then he runs off cackling to his room. His first day of school he walks up to his teacher and informs him that he isn't there to learn, he is there to have fun. Needless to say this teacher has been no end of grief for Mr. Fluffy and I. He does this constantly. Everyday is a battle between being proud of my son for how sweet and considerate he can be and wanting to lock him in his room for his smarty pants ways.

Little Miss is my little princess. She is the epitome of girlishness. Her room is bedecked in pink and glitter from ceiling to floor. Her closet is mounds of pink fluff and glitter and she has nearly everyone she meets wrapped around her finger. Beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl with dimples you can drown in and within minutes of walking into a room she can have everyone waiting on her hand and foot. She also is short like her oldest brother but she isn't bothered by this, it adds to her boundless charm. Much to my chagrin, she has been spoiled since birth. You see we tried to have a girl for a long time. When we finally got pregnant with her, it wasn't at the best of times and I told my husband that either way, boy or girl, this was to be our last pregnancy (I hated being pregnant and had been having some bad female issues at the time). So, lo and behold, we had our much anticipated little girl and right off she was very sickly. She got every little illness that a baby wasn't supposed to get. She spent much of her first 3 years in and out of emergency rooms and on breathing treatments. She has since grown out of much of it but we did spoil her rotten during that time. Thank goodness she didn't turn out to be much of a brat. She loves to help do chores and if her brothers do something, she insists that she be allowed also.

My children are my life line. They make me crazy and yet keep me going on. I can’t wait to see how they turn out as they grow older. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cough cough, ugh

Doing this kinda late today.

      I was sent home from work sick. It was kinda horrible because I didn't feel sick but I apparently have bronchitis. Yay. So I sat home all day (what little of it wasn't spent in a drugged stupor) feeling guilty because I felt that I should be at work. I was brought up that if you are well enough to get out of bed then you are well enough to go to work. True enough that I was coughing up blood this morning, But hey, I didn't have a fever so all good right? Not according to my bosses. Did I happen to mention I work for the Health Department? Yeah, having a hacking woman wearing a mask around would not have sent a good message to the public. 

    On a cooler note, my son came to me yesterday and talked to me about "this girl" in class. I could barely contain myself with joy while simultaneously freaking out. On the one hand it means Little Man is growing up and following the natural order (I had my doubts that he would ever be interested in anyone,boys or girls) but it also means he will soon be moving out of the I-love-to-snuggle-with-my-mommy stage. See, Little Man is my first born. He is a momma's boy and I am totally cool with that. Up until now I cherished the fact that he was still cool with holding mom's hand and letting her hug and kiss him in public. But now there is a girl involved. Soon it will all be about her and what she did and likes and he won't be cool with public mommy hugs and kisses. At the same time, I am totally psyched about his first crush and that he came to me about it, not his dad or his brother or even his few Excuse me while I do a happy dance. 

       Ok back to my drugged stupor. Thanks and good night everyone :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello my loves :)

      This is my first blog and first blog post. 

      Now that I have that out of the way, I am a first time blogger and this is just something I have thought of doing for some time now. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cassie. I will leave out my last name because I am just a bit paranoid that way. When I get more comfortable with all of this I will eventually share more info. I love to game. I play MMOs, FPS, just about any console game, and I used to roleplay (not the dirty kind people, the nerdy kind).I also do the occasional crafty thing. I have three children, I shall refer to them as Little Miss, Smarty Pants, and Little Man. I have been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband, who I shall refer to as Mr. Fluffy or the hubs. I call him Mr. Fluffy because since we have been together he has turned from a sleek and handsome guy into a sleek and handsome Sasquatch. I still love him though, even if sometimes he makes me contemplate if I could live with maiming him.

     I would welcome and appreciate input into how I am doing and helpful criticisms. I don't want a ton of drama or trolling as this is to be my outlet. A place for me to put out into the wide world all my random thoughts and musings. I will try to keep things lighthearted, but as I do have a condition that makes me emotionally volatile, I might have the occasional rant or depressing post.

    Aaand now we have gotten through with that, HI! Hello to all of you and I look forward to our journey together.