Thursday, March 19, 2015

Suburban Nerds

I was asked a little while back if I wanted to participate in a weekly blog interview with some friends of mine. They have a wonderful little blog called Suburban Nerds. I was sent an email with some questions and asked to answer the questions. Just a little FYI, I am just as horrible at answering an email interview as I am an in person interview lol. The questionnaire asked me about my passions and to explain it like I was talking to someone who had never heard of it before. I instantly went blank and just winged it as best as I could lol.

So with out further ado, here is the link to my interview with Suburban Nerds. Go give them a look. Read the other interviews, I can guarantee they are better than mine and they give some great insight into some nerdy pastimes.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Inquisition ended

So, I finally stopped pissing around in DAI long enough to finish the main story line. I think that Mr. Fluffy may have tried to record me. I was talking a major butt load of crap to the characters.

*Warning!* Some minor spoilers ahead!

Ok so without giving away too much (because you know, it all depends on the narrative you took), I had a few choice words with Miss Morrigan-I-can-match-the-dragon's-power. I was doing my thing, she was doing hers killing a dragon, then BAM! Bitch gets taken down mid fight.

We went into this with a plan woman!

So yeah, I had to fight the dragon and the big baddie boss. I was not a happy person. Mr. Fluffy kept giggling at me while I kept yelling about how these other supposed bad-ass characters couldn't hold up their end of the plan and I was having to pick up their slack.

So finally beat the dragon down and got back to the big baddie fight. Beat him down and paraded my happy little butt around Skyhold and had a very nice final scene *wink wink*

Hell yeah, bow down peasants 

All in all, I liked it alot. Now I am going to continue the craziness and do it again, but this time whole new race, class and going to choose templars over the mages. We will see how well I do a second time :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I woke up in Silent Hill...........

I live in the South. Fog here is not a common sight, which is too bad because I LOVE it. Just as much as I love rain. I am just not at all into cold weather. My friend calls me the reptile do to my need to have it constantly warm.

For the past few weeks it has just been a little freezing rain and snow with a lot of ice. I want to make this clear for anyone not in the South. It is NOT the snow that shuts us down, but the ice underneath it. I believe we had a total of 200 wrecks in just a matter of a few days in the town I live in because of icy roads. Combine that with the fact that there is a plethora of idiotic drivers in this town and shit gets real, but I am digressing.

So after all this snow and ice I have been waking up to, we finally got fog this morning.

There are buildings and trees on the other side of that fence
It was Glorious

Ah! Another living soul!
I was enjoying every lovely, creepy minute of it.

I feel like something should be jumping out at me
I was wondering where this guy was though

Monday, March 9, 2015

I didn't expect the Inquisition

Ah, Dragon Age: Inquisition. You who have completely taken over my weekends and spare time. I do adore you :) .

Mr. Fluffy bought me Inquisition for valentines day. Yep, he hasn't spent alot of time with me since. I did however point out to him his Skyrim addiction and now he has an idea how that was for me lol. He is cool with it however. He even has taken an incriminating picture of one of my 12 hour gaming days. It isn't pretty.....

Anyways, it is great. I haven't been quite this in love with a game in awhile, at least not since Black Ops. I liked the option of choosing how the story goes, right down to who your character romances. I had never actually played any of the Dragon Age games before this and now I am wishing I had. There is so much that goes over my head because it happened in the other games. Anywhoo, I am quite enjoying it and that is what I have been up to alot lately :)