Friday, March 13, 2015

Inquisition ended

So, I finally stopped pissing around in DAI long enough to finish the main story line. I think that Mr. Fluffy may have tried to record me. I was talking a major butt load of crap to the characters.

*Warning!* Some minor spoilers ahead!

Ok so without giving away too much (because you know, it all depends on the narrative you took), I had a few choice words with Miss Morrigan-I-can-match-the-dragon's-power. I was doing my thing, she was doing hers killing a dragon, then BAM! Bitch gets taken down mid fight.

We went into this with a plan woman!

So yeah, I had to fight the dragon and the big baddie boss. I was not a happy person. Mr. Fluffy kept giggling at me while I kept yelling about how these other supposed bad-ass characters couldn't hold up their end of the plan and I was having to pick up their slack.

So finally beat the dragon down and got back to the big baddie fight. Beat him down and paraded my happy little butt around Skyhold and had a very nice final scene *wink wink*

Hell yeah, bow down peasants 

All in all, I liked it alot. Now I am going to continue the craziness and do it again, but this time whole new race, class and going to choose templars over the mages. We will see how well I do a second time :D

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