Monday, March 9, 2015

I didn't expect the Inquisition

Ah, Dragon Age: Inquisition. You who have completely taken over my weekends and spare time. I do adore you :) .

Mr. Fluffy bought me Inquisition for valentines day. Yep, he hasn't spent alot of time with me since. I did however point out to him his Skyrim addiction and now he has an idea how that was for me lol. He is cool with it however. He even has taken an incriminating picture of one of my 12 hour gaming days. It isn't pretty.....

Anyways, it is great. I haven't been quite this in love with a game in awhile, at least not since Black Ops. I liked the option of choosing how the story goes, right down to who your character romances. I had never actually played any of the Dragon Age games before this and now I am wishing I had. There is so much that goes over my head because it happened in the other games. Anywhoo, I am quite enjoying it and that is what I have been up to alot lately :)


  1. How is the fighting? I've heard so much about this game and can't wait to get it for myself!! Any advice for when I do get it?

  2. Ahhh! ok so I tried to respond to this last night but my phone app just wasn't having it. The combat took a little getting used to as I am more familiar with FPS combat. You can customize your AIs and have them do separate things (ie when to use a potion and to either to attack my target or defend me). Their is several ways to do this, but I just really set their most useful spells and then let them do their own things. One thing I can suggest is to go into the AIs abilities and set the spells you want them to use to "preferable", otherwise they really just won't use them. Combat isn't always easy, and you really need to get to know each character's strengths, this will become much easier after you reach Skyhold and are able to specialize each one. As for advice, talk to EVERYONE! I didn't really figure this out until a little late in the game but talking to people (yes even the random person on the street) will give you side quests and even mission operations you can send your operatives on. You can get some pretty cool gear and mounts from doing this.

    1. Their is = There are

      I have fat finger syndrom :P