Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear nutjob

Dear religious nutjobs,
Neither me nor my young daughter need you approaching us in public places and forcing your propaganda onto us. Please let us shop in peace. When my daughter is older if she wants to explore religion I will support her anyway I can. As of right now, I am raising her and her brothers without religion. I want them to be able to find themselves and their place in the world with out people like you telling them they are sinful or bad. I never want them to feel conflicted between who they are and who their religion tells them they should be. I have even set aside my own religion (hint: it isn't yours) so that I don't influence them either. They know mommy isn't christian and that is enough for them. When or if they ever feel the need to have religion round out their lives, we will sit down with them and explore them. We will let them find what fits them and their inner beliefs. We will not force one upon them. So yes, when you approach us in the store while we are shopping and forcefully hand off your pamphlets to us, all you are doing is making a bad impression on my daughter. She wanted to know if you were one of those people who needs the "special kind of jacket"

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