Monday, January 28, 2013

So called "Gamer Girls"

    I have an issue with "gamer girls."  My issue is that alot of gamer girls feel the need to sexualize the fact that females game. Really? Face it girls, most men who game will find the very fact that you game sexy enough. Yes, I know you feel the need to prove you are not a troglodyte and that in fact you are pretty to these boys. Believe me, you could have three eyes and they would be excited to find out you are female. Mr. Fluffy is constantly getting told by other men how lucky he is that his wife loves to game as much as he does, and they don't even know what I look like because they don't care.

   I stalk alot of Facebook female gamer pages, and it never fails that no matter how much they promise they are real gamers and not just "gamer girls", the inevitable picture of a women posing naked or half naked with a controller will pop up. WTH? I am there to connect with other women who game, not to see your goods! It disappoints me to see honest female gamers fall into this.

I know, I know, wrong game and wrong console but very good description

   So please girls, put your clothes back on, use the controller properly and kick some butt on the game of your choice.

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