Sunday, January 13, 2013

Geeky household conversations

Every Saturday night we have family night. We either play a board game or watch a movie together as a family. Last night we chose Star Trek: Nemesis..........the following conversation ensued.

Smarty Pants (as the Enterprise floats by on the screen): What ship is that?

Mr.Fluffy: I think it might be the Titan

Me: What are you smoking? That is the Enterprise!

Mr.Fluffy: No, that is not the Enterprise.

Me: What?!

Mr.Fluffy (completely changing the subject): The next generation show had an Enterprise D, That is an E.

Me: Who the heck do you think is piloting it? That is Picard so that makes it the next generation's Enterprise.

Mr.Fluffy: But it is not a D, it is an E.

Me: Does that even matter? They have an E now.

Mr. Fluffy: Wanna bet?

Me: Bet what? That is the Enterprise (rewinding movie back to part that CLEARLY shows USS Enterprise on the hull). Fine, loser does laundry tomorrow.

Mr. Fluffy: (pulls up image on internet) See, they had a D on the show.

Me: Yeah but they wrecked it in Generations. They had to get a new one. You lose

Mr.Fluffy: How did I lose?

Me: You said it was the Titan, I bet you it was the Enterprise therefore I won.

Mr.Fluffy: (Glares at me)

Little Miss: Can you two stop arguing and play the movie now?

These types of conversations happen often at our house. Plus I got to be the know it all when I proved Shinzon is Bane..........

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