Friday, January 18, 2013

The worst part of bronchitis as a mom of three

      You know what the worst part of having bronchitis has been? It wasn't the coughing that kept me up all night long. It wasn't the feeling of being stabbed in the chest every time I started hacking away. It wasn't even when I started coughing up blood. I just shrugged my shoulders at all of that, got myself to a doctor and moved on. The absolute worst part?

 Mom bladder

     Yep, every time I would start uncontrollably coughing, I would cross my legs and pray that this would be the one time I didn't pee myself. Mr. Fluffy even started calling me Leaky Lady. After having three kids your body starts to turn on you. Sneezing, coughing,  sometimes even laughing too hard can be a reminder of how weak your bladder has become. Forget about taking long trips. When we plan a trip that is going to be over an hour long, there has to be frequent pee stops or the upholstery in the car would be ruined. When working out, I have to make extra sure that I pottied right before any jumping jacks or running of any kind for fear that I will suddenly lose control and wet myself in front of everyone. Or even the dreaded stomach virus. Bent in supplication to the porcelain god, offering up your sacrifice of breakfast, lunch and dinner only to feel the warm sensation of urine running down your leg. Of all the things motherhood took from my body, I lament the loss of my bladder the most. 

Thank goodness the bronchitis is starting to clear up. The coughing fits are coming farther and fewer now with less force. Looks like I won't be Leaky Lady for too much longer.

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