Thursday, January 10, 2013

An apology and a little game talk :)

    Ok so first off, I was so excited yesterday about getting comments (YAY!) and was checking it all out when I accidentally deleted them all.........I'm so fail I can't even deal with myself currently. So I apologize profusely to those who did comment and who got so rudely wiped off. Was not my intention to do that.

     My brain isn't cooperating with me today. I'm still dealing with the bronchitis and the medicine I take at night to quiet the coughs and let me sleep leaves me still feeling groggy in the mornings. So when I get to work in the mornings I am still not all there and we have been so darn busy lately. We give vaccinations at my job. We have been driving for people to come in and get their flu shots. Now that it is becoming an epidemic and all over the news, we have been flooded with people. We have had this shot for 5 months and barely had anyone get it, now they are breaking our doors down and demanding we lengthen our hours so they can all get their shots in.

Not going to happen people.

   We are open for vaccinations 6 of the 8 hours we operate. The first and last hours are set-up and break-down not counting the many other programs we offer. We have families and lives as well. Today has been so hectic. The only good thing is that with me still having a cough, when people come in they try to avoid me thinking I'm contagious........hehehehehehe.

    On another note, Mr. Fluffy and I were talking about MMOs this morning and I found one I am going to try out. It is put out by Aeria Games and is called DK Online. Here is a link to their page I already play one of their MMOs called Eden Eternal and love it because it appeals to both my gamer side and my anime freak side. Mr. Fluffy on the other hand, while he will play it with me if I beg hard enough, feels very girly playing it. So I thought this one might be a bit more appealing to his manly side. Now before anyone asks, yes I was a huge WoW enthusiast for a very long time (7 years in fact, I was playing before the first expansion). I stopped playing because their was way too much drama and if you weren't part of an elite guild you could forget about any decent gear. I know they have made changes to the system but the fact is that it is still the same drama queens playing and I just don't want to waste my time on them. I found joy in City of Heroes, but they were unable to keep their servers up and shut down. I am going to give this new one a go and hopefully I like it. Do any of you play MMOs? If so, which ones and how do you like them?

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