Thursday, January 31, 2013

So tired of being sick and tired :(

I am SOOOO tired of being sick. I have been sick this entire month. First I broke my finger on Christmas day. Yeah that was a joy. After my finger, I got congested and started coughing. I think we all know where that went. Hellloooo bronchitis! Finally start to get over that after weeks and weeks of hacking my lungs up and I came down with the flu. I hate the flu. I have never in my thirty something years had the flu until last year. Last year was the very first time I had the flu and thought I was dying. Thankfully this year it wasn't as bad or as long and I didn't end up in the hospital from dehydration (lovely when everyone forgets that you have an intolerance to codeine and they give you a cough medicine full of it, it makes me hurl quite a bit).

Thank goodness I have people around me to help. My dad helped get my medicine because, hey Tami-flu  poor people get the flu also. My kids for not being complete butts of themselves. Mr. Fluffy for being my nursemaid and waiting on me hand and foot. My mom for checking on me, and all my coworkers for understanding that I just needed time to rest.

I'm feeling much better today and hopefully I will be back to work in the morning.

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