Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guilty Gamer

   I have been kinda not gaming lately. It sucks. Big time. I am doing this as a supportive thing for Mr. Fluffy. You see, Mr. Fluffy is a student. Last semester he failed a class, in large part because he had reactivated his World of Warcraft account. He gets just a tad addicted. We both agreed this semester he would concentrate on his classes and less on games. Then, right before this semester started, we both tried out Aion Online. I quite enjoyed it and he did also and we made characters we could level together. While I know that I could make an alt toon and hope on there, my computer is in the living area and so is his.....he would not be able to concentrate on his homework. Plus I feel guilty for logging onto my account in front of him and playing to my heart's content while he slogs away on his homework  So, I have been sitting on my hands and trying not to pine for my PC or the Xbox (since he won't even play Black Ops 2 right now).

   I am going to try to log onto my Aion account tonight while he takes the boys to their scout meeting. I won't feel guilty for playing in front of him and I can get some "me" time since this weekend was spent taking care of sick children. I can at least get an hour for my little addiction, that should be able to hold me over for a few days at least :) 

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