Friday, January 11, 2013

Whatever others think, I am just me

     Today I thought I would share some things about myself so that anyone who reads this can get a better sense of me when reading what I write. My favorite bloggers to read are people who share just enough so that I can grasp their own personal brand in what they write.

     I'm Cassie, just that. My name isn't short for anything else, my parents loved the shortened version so well that they chose it for my actual name. I often refer to myself as "just Cassie" and love the instant bond that forms when I meet any other rare "just Cassie" that wanders into my existence.  Starts with a C, ends in an ie and has a big ASS in the middle, yep that is me.

     I have a crude sense of humor. I'm often the first person to make anything into something dirty-minded.

     I have a foul mouth. I don't mind this, though many people think I should act more lady-like. Pfft probably not going to happen. I can be a classy lady if I choose, I just often don't choose to.

      I'm not a feely-touchy person. I have what Mr. Fluffy calls "bubble issues." You stay out of my personal bubble and I won't have to claw your face off. No I was never assaulted as a child, I just don't like people to touch me.

       I am a shy person. It has taken me years and the prodding of my husband to break me out of my shell.

     I'm southern through and through, but I am not much of a country music fan.

     I am not a religious person. I don't consider myself a christian much to the dismay of my highly religious family. I do believe in evolution. I honestly can't conceive how someone can deny something that happens everyday in front of our very faces. Everything evolves. I regard science highly, but can't see how someone would make a religion out of it. I guess it is human nature to always try to worship something.

      I'm a difficult person to deal with. I do not make friends easily and I dislike drama. I make my opinion known loudly. If I dislike something, you will most likely know it.

    I'm a people pleaser much to my own dismay. I have a deep-seated urge to make people like me while at the same time wanting to tell  them to sod off. It is usually the later that wins out.

     If I do happen to make friends with you, I will usually do just about anything for you. I believe in loyalty to each other, but be warned, I will expect the same from you. I will usually give you a few chances because I know everyone messes up. If you keep taking me for granted as a friend, I will usually kick your sorry ass to the curb with very little regret.

     I love my husband, though I don't like him alot of the time. He is my best friend and the person I share everything with. He gets me like no one else, understands all my little quirks and flaws. This gives him an unfair advantage when he feels the need to push my buttons.

    I had children when I was young. I was living on my own and supporting myself. I don't think it is your right to tell me what all I "missed out on." I honestly don't think I missed out on anything at all. I have three little human beings that think the world of me and being young enough to enjoy all their crazy antics and join in on some of them has been priceless. My children are all the best I have to offer, each of them reflects a different side of me in their own way. My oldest is my reserved quiet side, my middle child is my goofy carefree self, and my daughter is my repressed girly side with a bit of clutz thrown in the mix.

    I love anime. I have my little collection of anime and anime related stuff that everyone in my house knows is off limits. I share this love with my niece. We always geek out together about it.

    I love to game. I did the occasional social game playing growing up, but didn't consider myself a "gamer." After the hubs and I got together he introduced me to the entire world of gaming, from RP book games to MMOs. Confession: I have not played alot of the different consoles. I have played the original nintendo, playstation 1- 3, xbox 360 and PC. I have found my favorite "game" is MMO. My awkward shyness affects my ability to effectively RP.

   I love Star Wars. My favorite character is Boba Fett. I think Luke Skywalker is a bit of a whiner.

   I have lately become highly obsessed with Doctor Who.

    I obsess over dragons. I have a growing collection of dragon related objects. People often mistake my dragon obsession with a fondness for fairies. Don't get me wrong, fairies are pretty and cool but they are not dragons. I see in dragons, an ancient raw beauty, wealth of knowledge, and unrivaled inspiration.

   I'm arachnophobic. I have been subjected to the eight legged freaks enough throughout my life though that I have come to the point of "you stay over there and I will stay on this side of the house, just don't come within 500 feet of me." A word of advise, if you know someone is scared of spiders, don't subject them to in-numerous pranks involving spiders. They really are frightened of them, it isn't a joke.

   I hate clowns, thank you very much Mr. King. They are just disturbing to me.

  I have the strangest taste buds of anyone in my house. I like avocados, hate guacamole. I dislike cinnamon toast, garlic toast and honey. I refuse to eat breakfast sausage, but love other kinds.

  I cannot stand people smacking while they eat. I have to physically control myself so that I won't hurt them.

I'm sure there is alot more that I didn't include, but this is the major stuff lol.

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