Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Naked Amtgard

Sorry I really haven't posted anything lately. Frankly I just hit a wall. It isn't that nothing has been happening but the opposite, so much has been happening that I am having issues filtering everything out and figuring out what to post about. We have been very heavy into Amtgard lately. I have been playing some of the new BO2 maps and of course working my tush off at work and at home with the kids. So I have to say one of the best days of my summer came this last weekend.

We caravaned with a ton of our friends to an Amtgard event up north of us. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy myself quite so much. Just let me interject here that I am an extremely lucky woman to have a husband who isn't controlling and only slightly possessive and jealous, I adore that man. We played our hearts out that entire day and when night came we partied it up a little. Unfortunately, someone slipped Mr. Fluffy some everclear and he went down for the count for a few hours. It is his kryptonite as he told me the next morning (yes, this was the first time in our 12 year marriage that I have seen my dear hubby shitfaced drunk).  After I made sure he wasn't in any danger of being stepped on or eaten alive, I went and hung out with our out of town friends and had a blast (because honestly I was a little upset that my husband was passed out drunk and not having a blast with me, so they were trying to cheer me up). A bunch of old farts acting like teenagers again in a highly comedic way. There was some tackling, some very raunchy jokes and a very entertaining game of truth or dare with plenty of naked racing ( not me, no one needs subjected to that). There is something that is truly liberating about just letting go of everything in a group of people that you can truly trust in. There was not one moment where I felt taken advantage of or compromised. It was like hanging out with a bunch of siblings.

Later when Mr. Fluffy had slept off the majority of the everclear, he came and joined us. Had it been any other man I would have been given no end of grief over it. The fact that he takes my craziness in stride and doesn't get all pissy about it makes me love that man more every day. I couldn't imagine being with a man who was so insecure about our relationship that they couldn't handle me doing some of those things. Our trust in each other is strong, and gets stronger every year. The fact that he understands me and knows that I can handle myself without him getting all macho over me makes me giddy. That is what made that trip the best I have had all summer, and the best part of the entire evening? Falling asleep in Mr. Fluffy's arms in our tiny tent at 5 am.


I love you Mr. Fluffy :)

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