Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sorry for the long absence

So yeah I haven't done this in a while now lol. The only excuse I can give is that I have been extra super busy with my local Amtgard chapter for the past 9 months. I took over a position that no one else wanted and have been slaving away since. My last term is up in July so hopefully at that time I will be able to be more active on here.

Other than working my rear off for Amtgard, I have been catching up on my gaming. I forced Mr. Fluffy to finish Borderlands with me so I could play the second one I got for Christmas.  He finished that one and got about 3/4 of the way through the second one before abandoning me. He thinks it's a boring game. Really? This is coming from the man who will play Skyrim and Fallout for days without pause doing the most mundane thing in the game and yet, Borderlands 2 is too boring. Whatever.

The munchkins are getting bigger. Currently gearing up Little Man for middle school. He decided to take band as his elective ( Insert giggly happy mother face, YES BAND NERD!) We have also been dealing with the onset of that most heinous of monsters, puberty. He pretty much sounds like a squeaky toy 24-7 much to his distress and my great amusement. This has unfortunately (or fortunately) led to that most awkward of talks......S-E-X. Oh dear, I wasn't ready for it. Mr. Fluffy on the other hand was all kinds of Mr. Informative to him. I am dealing with it, but my heart cried about losing my son's innocence.

Well that about sums up my time away. Until the next post (whenever that may be)

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