Monday, February 18, 2013

My kids still manage to awe me

I am such a proud little mommy today. A little while back, Mr. Fluffy and I decided to put both of our boys in Boy Scouts. We figured Smarty Pants would benefit from all the social interaction (he is the kid most would call "class clown") and Little Man would finally learn how to interact socially at all. I worried my little introvert would be in shell shock at his first few meetings but his father kept insisting he was doing well. I attended a meeting myself with him to calm my nerves and was pleasantly surprised to see him getting along with many of the boys his age. You see, he is a loner by nature. He doesn't like many children his age and it doesn't help that he has a bit of an anger issue (he has been to counseling). So for a while I just sat back and enjoyed it. Then, I began to question if they were actually learning any "scout" stuff. Yesterday I got my answer.

Two weeks ago we bought all the kids new bikes because theirs had been stolen last year. Little Man, Smarty Pants and one of the neighbor kids were riding the bikes yesterday when Smarty Pants lost control, hit a fence, and got caught under his bike. The usual reaction for Little Man would be to panic right along with his brother or to completely ignore him. I am a paranoid mother, so I keep the back door open when they play outside so I can hear them. I had already heard the crash and the crying and to my shock and awe I heard my Little Man telling his brother to "Breathe slowly, calm down so you don't hurt yourself more. Hey (the the other kid) stay with him and keep him calm while I go get our mom. Don't let him move, he could be very hurt.It's going to be ok Smarty Pants." It took a minute for me to grasp that this was my kid talking. My Little Man who would usually freak out was being absolutely calm and putting what he had learned to use. My heart swelled and as soon as Mr. Fluffy came back home I was bragging all I could. My little boy is growing into such a man. I'm glad I am around to see it happen :)

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