Friday, February 15, 2013

Crafty girl

So, I'm a bit of a crafty girl. I do a little bit sewing, little bit of crochet and I make a little bead jewelry. I have dabbled in just about every crafty thing you can think of. The only problem is, no one but me and my daughter will usually wear the stuff I make. Of course, a 7 year old girl who dresses like a color blind hippy on speed isn't quite the spokesperson you want.

So, about a week ago I decided I wanted to try bead looming. I got online, ordered my loom and then proceeded to totally forget about it. I do this often, I find it makes it a nice surprise when it actually does get here. As predicted, when it arrived yesterday morning I was very happy to see it, though bummed because I was on my way to work and am not allowed to play with things there. Boo. I am excited to try one more thing out that I am sure I won't be great at but not too bad. I will update this later with pictures of the process and let's hope they aren't too bad.

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