Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our gaming obsession and why I love it

  Mr. Fluffy and I are both "gamers."  We both play numerous games and platforms. We quite enjoy our little mutual hobby. We both got into WoW for many years together, we both like the Call of Duty games and we love to hunt down new games and try them out. For many people, they think this means that one of us must like a game the other enjoys. Not true. I don't really understand his obsession with Fallout and he doesn't really get into Borderlands the way I do. I obsess over all the tiny details in the Fable series, he spends hours running in circles on Skyrim. While he used to fuss over his guns and home in Star Wars Universe, I would get bored and put my character into a perpetual dance and walk away. That is what I really love about us both being gamers. Yes, we do play many, many games together that we both like but it allows us the freedom to find something we like as an individual. I don't begrudge him his time alone on Skyrim (I myself have never even felt the urge to try it), in fact many times I will be next to him on the couch reading a book or talking to him while he plays it. I will ask him questions about what is going on and he loves bragging on his character and what all it can do. He does the same with me. Our conversations usually run like this:

"What is going on now?"

"Oh well, remember I was doing so and so?"


"Well that escalated to this and now I'm blowing things up for the heck of it and I think I just might have to start over because I blew all my money and I really needed this <random object> by now"

"Ah that sucks"

I'm really glad that out of all the hobbies my husband and I could have it would be gaming. Something so diverse that we do not get bored easily and we can find something we both like together as well as separately.

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