Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rain, Rain

It's raining here and I am super excited about it! I know that may sound a bit strange but I'm southern if that helps you understand a little bit. I get very down in the dumps about constant sunshine. Give me a gloomy, rainy day and I'm a happy girl.

Speaking of rain and sunshine, the hubs was introducing me to Heroes not long ago. Yes, I know I missed that whole bandwagon when it was cool but I don't mind. While I absolutely loved the show I did get very irritated at parts of it. As you guys may know, the cheerleader is supposedly from Texas. More specifically, Odessa Texas. Let me let some of you in on something. Odessa does NOT look like that. I know, I spent at least 18 years of my life within an hour driving distance from there.

And we have monster snakes as well :)

 There are no giant mountains and no spanning canyons. We had dirt, dirt, mesquite trees and tiny hills. Mostly a bunch of flat, dry dirt. Have you ever watched Carnivale? Yeah, it looks alot like that. So, I ranted at the hubs a bit about how stupid that was and how apparently they didn't do any research at all. Then I let it go (with a few irritated noises everytime I saw something off), or so I thought. A couple of seasons in this character moves to California. Woooo! At on point the father comes in and makes a sarcastic quip about liking this "85 days of constant sunshine."


You are from Texas! That is very highly normal here. I grew up in the Permian basin (where Odessa is located fyi) and what very little rain we got was few and far between. I admit, this sent me off on another rant at the hubs. He wisely just nodded his head and threw in a few "I know right!" in for good measure. After I was calmed down he said, "Hun, you know this is just a show right?"

Yes, I know that it is just a show. My beef with Hollywood is they do not do any research at all on us down here. The one and only time I ever saw anything in a movie or show that even looked like the area they were trying to portray was The Rookie. That opening scene of them driving through plains of mesquite and oil rigs? Yep that is very accurate. I have actually driven that exact road many times myself.

Well I am done with my little rant. I am going to stare out at the wonderful rain outside and enjoy it while I can before it goes away.

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