Monday, April 1, 2013

The reason I was unable to walk much this weekend

As I have for the past few weekends, I accompanied  Mr. Fluffy on Saturday out to the Amtgard field. What was different this time was that he had convinced me before hand that I should join them in fighting. First off, I am not a very physically fit person. I have three children and hold down a full time job, so when it came to exercising or relaxing on the couch after dealing with immature crybabies at work and my very adorable yet annoying children at home.....well, relaxing just seemed way more appealing. Lately though, I have taken a renewed interest in myself. I don't want my "mommy" figure any longer. I wish to feel on the outside how I feel on the inside and it doesn't match up currently. Secondly, because of my weight gain, I am quite slow now. So keep these two things in mind while you watch the following video:

Yep that blonde lady getting her ass owned, that is me. There is even one part where I am just sitting down enjoying everyone else fighting, yeah I tripped and just said screw it. I am not the most graceful of people. I fell, I got owned everytime I turned around and am still sore two days later......but I had a ton of fun. 

So I have decided that along with buying a workout machine for myself (because screw going to a gym in front of other people, nu uh!) and with Amtgard, that I can get back to a normal size. The side benefit being that I can beat on my husband legally if I want :)

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